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Tooling Engineer

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Who we are

Our mission at Sourcegraph is to make it so that everyone can code, not just ~0.1% of the population. Our code graph powers Cody, the most powerful and accurate code AI for writing, fixing, and maintaining code, as well as our Code Search product, helping devs explore their entire codebase and make large-scale migrations and security fixes. We’re building software that builds software, and in doing so we’re making devs more productive and growing the population of coders by giving anybody access to the deep knowledge base of a senior engineer through Cody and all of the context it brings. We’re preparing for a world with a lot more code than exists today, and that benefits us all.

It’s an exciting time to join Sourcegraph. AI has taken over the world, and we’ve spent the last 10 years building infrastructure that’s integral to making AI generated code more powerful and accurate. Our customers include 4/5 FAANG companies, 4 of the top 10 banks, government organizations, Uber, Plaid, and many other companies building the software that pushes the world forward. We’ve raised $225M at a $2.625B valuation from Andreessen HorowitzSequoiaRedpointCraft and others. We’re making ambitious bets on our future and we’re looking to hire exceptional people to join our team as we make Sourcegraph one of the biggest and most influential companies in the world.

Working hours 

🌎 Given that we are an all-remote company and hire almost anywhere in the world, we don’t have a particular time-zone preference for this role. However, you may need to be available for non-recurring urgent meetings outside of working hours.

Why this job is exciting 

Cody is the best AI coding assistant today, and you’ll get to help build it and get it in the hands of millions of devs. Our code intelligence, married with modern AI, is already providing a remarkable alpha experience, and you can help us unlock its full potential. 

Our rapid development pace means that building, testing and releasing our products while balancing impact, scale and robustness is a unique challenge, encompassing every phase of the software development cycle.  

We are looking for a Tooling Engineer to join the Developer Infrastructure team to support a broad range of teams which are all facing their own set of challenges. From automating provisioning and seeding of code hosts to reproduce customer issues, building a robust local development environment that doesn’t get in the way, to shaping our observability stack at scale, you are passionate about building internal tools and fostering the best possible developer-experience for your peers. 

By joining our team, you will directly impact both Cody and our Code Intelligence platform, standing at the crossroads of all Sourcegraph teams by building mission critical tools to support our mission. If you’re passionate about enhancing developers’ productivity and are excited to be a part of a dynamic team pushing the boundaries of technology, then this role is for you.

📅 Within one month, you will…

  • You will have successfully onboarded, familiarized themselves with Sourcegraph’s development environment, and set up your own development environment.
  • You will have gained a deep understanding of the Sourcegraph codebase, particularly focusing on the tools and infrastructure relevant to the Developer Infrastructure team’s mission.
  • You will have made your initial contributions, likely in the form of code enhancements or automation improvements, demonstrating your ability to dive into unfamiliar code areas and contribute effectively.

📅 Within three months, you will…

  • You will have implemented significant automation improvements, making strides in enhancing the continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines for various development teams.
  • You will have actively contributed to shaping the observability stack at scale, improving the monitoring and debugging capabilities for Sourcegraph’s services.

📅 Within six months, you will…

  • You will have provided valuable insights into the architectural decisions and scalability improvements through code reviews and discussions, ensuring that the team maintains high standards.
  • You will have initiated and driven process improvements within the team, particularly in areas like retrospectives, testing practices, and planning, resulting in more efficient workflows.

📅 Within one year, you will…

  • You will have made a mission-critical impact on Cody and the Code Intelligence platform by delivering robust, scalable, and user-friendly internal tools. These tools will significantly enhance developer productivity and the overall developer experience.

About you

You are a polyglot hacker, an endlessly curious jack-of-all-trades, and you’re passionate about tools, developer-experience, with a solid experience of the challenges faced by other developers. Your strong sense of empathy helps you to understand your peers’ challenges and you sharply understand how to balance solving now and future problems, carving a path to implement your vision. 

First, you have a deep understanding of the software lifecycle, having experienced it yourself by working on the product side, and a strong familiarity with all the tools supporting it; e.g.:

  • You’ve worked with Bazel or other build systems to support polyglot codebases.
  • You’re passionate about automation, CI/CD and building self-service offerings for your peers.
  • You’ve worked with GCP and Kubernetes. 
  • You’re naturally putting yourself in the shoes of other developers and constantly seek to understand their perspective. 
  • You’re a great communicator and know that the job is finally done when your peers are solving their problems with the tools you built, you intuitively drive adoption and cater to your audience. 
  • You’re proficient at writing Go code, but you’re a polyglot at your core.  

It doesn’t matter if you’re not an expert on all points, what really counts is that you understand the complexities of building successful software, and thrive to make it a seamless experience for our teammates to achieve that goal.

Ultimately, you understand that you are a force multiplier, and you constantly observe your peers to identify opportunities to act as such. 

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