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Staff/Senior Software Engineer - all genders

GermanyFull-Time$90K - $110K
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We are looking for a seasoned Software Engineer (all genders) anywhere in Germany (remote), to join our Product & Engineering Team. This position is full-time, which we define as four 8-hour work days (Mo-Thu), with Fridays being at your own discretion (including not working at all). We expect people to align with and live our company values.


A word before you dive right in: We know how it feels! Scanning countless job postings, cutting through the copy-pasted, meaningless, cliche and buzzword-ridden mumbo jumbo, desperately searching for that one thing that could somehow spark interest in a role:

"Dynamic and flexible environment""sunny office", "competitive salary""diverse and international team""democratising the access to X""„we are a family“ – have you ever heard stories of a toxic workplace, where this stuff hasn’t been a part of the careers page anyway?

Our promise to you: We try to avoid the “empty phrase” game in our job postings (and being a toxic workplace, too, of course). If in doubt: Please apply and in an interview we will find out how the collaboration could look like.

The Role

This is an opportunity for you, an ambitious and intrinsically motivated Software Engineer to work in a small and value-driven company, with lots of individual responsibility, freedom and room to move the needle.

You will closely collaborate with Engineers, Designers, Product Managers and often enough Subject Matter Experts and Commercial, Business and Operational roles to get the full picture. You will also be working closely with engineering management to shape engineering culture and architecture.

We are using ShapeUp, so this role requires a product mindset. Code quality is measured by the impact it is driving, not just by elegance, or raw performance.

We believe that every piece of software that is shipped to production is legacy software. As such we won’t try to convince you with claims about our ingenious, self-cooked, proprietary, million LOC platform, because we have none of that. We handle production software, we handle the everyday struggle of imperfections, shortcuts and tradeoffs and we are happy about every line of code we can delete.

In this role, you will...

  • Foster our engineering culture around simplicity, consistency, security, observability, stability and performance.
  • Lead engineering action to solve product problems and use your experience to find optimal and practical solutions.
  • Design and build new features, uniting a simple and maintainable architecture with a clear and performant user experience.
  • Maintain and support existing features, making things simpler and more consistent whenever you have to touch a part.
  • Learn our business domain and its problems, be an essential part of finding solutions and weigh design tradeoffs.
  • Mentor your colleagues.


Hard Requirements

  • Existing EU work permit
  • Highly proficient in spoken and written English
  • Existing experience in Senior+ roles, building digital products

The Skills We Are Looking For

  • A T-shaped skillset around web application development and its ecosystem
  • Professional experience building, testing and maintaining production web applications with TypeScript, Node.js and React (e.g. Next.js)
  • Professional experience building a GraphQL API
  • You are interested in new developments in your field, just as you like to look around you. Product Management and Product Design is interesting to you. You like to keep learning through cross-functional collaboration with your peers.

We want you to be productive and comfortable with our codebase quickly, so we have defined this baseline. In the end, we are convinced that a Software Engineer with the mindset we are after will be able to learn any so-called hard skill, technology, or framework.

The Person We Are Looking For

  • You have an appreciation for the written word, enabling calm, productive and asynchronous communication as well as constructive discussions around complex engineering problems.
  • You know how to build things perfectly in theory, but you favour incremental, iterative and validated approaches backed by data.
  • You want to keep growing further in the expert track, dive deep and grow your understanding of the product engineering discipline.
  • You deeply care about the people you are building software for and with.
  • You understand that building products is a team sport. We value strong opinions and direction, but we need to pull together.
  • You understand, align with and live our company values.

"Quick apply" is a great feature, but we still appreciate people reading our job postings in full. Add the words "cute rabbit" in the cover letter field of the application form and we know how you roll!


Salary ranges

  • L4III: 90-100k
  • L5: 100-110k

To avoid confusion or disappointment: We have clear expectations for higher levels and the upper end of these salary bands. We will assess your seniority level during the interview process. These are our levels, so please don’t expect having held a title previously is a guarantee for a certain level.


We pay goal-based bonuses up to 10%, with a 100% track-record of doing so since 2019.


  • 40€/month VWL Insurance Policy. Cash value 480€/year
  • Up to 50€/month internet cost reimbursement. Net cash value 600€/year
  • 4 day work-week/20% time
  • 22 vacation days
  • Flexible hours
  • Remote in Germany + 90 days per year work from anywhere (Berlin time ±4h)


Our standard hiring process for engineers consists of three rounds. No homework. No coding challenge (but pair programming).

As this role is for a Senior+ level we might add a round and/or session to dispel any doubt.

After this we are ready to offer.

If you fulfil the hard requirements we will respond to every application – positively or negatively.

We celebrate difference and diversity and pledge our commitment to an inclusive workplace.

Beware of scams when applying! You should NEVER have to pay for applying for any position. Learn more about scams here.

Remotedom accepts no liability or resposability as consequence on relience upon information on here or external websites.