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Data Scientist

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  • We will review your application against our job requirements. We do not employ machine learning technologies during this phase as we believe every human deserves attention from another human. We do not think machines can evaluate your application quite like our seasoned recruiting professionals—every person is unique. We promise to give your candidacy a fair and detailed assessment.
  • We may then invite you to submit a video interview for the review of the hiring manager. This video interview is often followed by a test or short project that allows us to determine whether you will be a good fit for the team.
  • At this point, we will invite you to interview with our hiring manager and/or the interview team. Please note: We do not conduct interviews via text message, Telegram, etc. and we never hire anyone into our organization without having met you face-to-face (or via Zoom). You will be invited to come to a live meeting or Zoom, where you will meet our INFUSEmedia team.
  • From there on, it’s decision time! If you are still excited to join INFUSE and we like you as much, we will have a conversation about your offer. We do not make offers without giving you the opportunity to speak with us live. After all, we consider our team members our family, and we want you to feel comfortable and welcomed.


We’re scouting for a tech-savvy Data Engineer who’s got a knack for web scraping. You’ll be in the driver’s seat during our Discovery phase, designing the tools that will mine the web for top-notch business research papers. Your work will lay the foundation for a platform that’s all about making complex information user-friendly.

Your Mission:

  • Whip up some stellar web scraping scripts that capture and curate content from an array of digital sources.
  • Be instrumental in assembling our AI dream team that will transform raw data into neatly organized and summarized gems.
  • Navigate the legalities of web scraping like a pro, ensuring we’re always on the right side of data use and privacy laws.
  • Develop a data collection process that’s not just effective now but can scale with us as we grow.
  • Anticipate challenges in data extraction and creatively integrate human oversight when automation alone won’t do the trick.
  • Work together with the project lead to make sure the data pipeline is seamless and secure.

What It Takes:

  • A portfolio that showcases your skill in sifting through the web and extracting valuable data like a seasoned prospector.
  • A solid understanding of web structures (HTML, CSS).
  • The ability to tackle dynamic content with JavaScript because we like data that’s fresh and on the move.
  • A knack for keeping databases in tip-top shape, whether they’re SQL or NoSQL.
  • Experience with AI or machine learning, especially with categorizing and summarizing data.

Extra Awesome:

  • A degree is a bonus, but your experience will shout louder.
  • Cloud computing knowledge and experience with distributed data because the future is in the cloud.
  • Git proficiency because good code management is akin to wizardry here.

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