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Senior Copywriter

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You click on "Publish," and the first load of new work provided by you goes live. A feeling of excitement and anticipation sets in. You happily close your laptop because the first month in your new gig that Digitsonly helped you land was super exciting!

So, what is Digitsonly? We are a partner that helps our portfolio of ecom brands with recruiting.

By applying, you aren’t applying for a single job, but to multiple brands that perfectly fit your expertise. That means: Incredibly high chances of landing a new, high paying job.

You can finally apply your solid expertise along with your new team’s know-how to the top ecom brands.

Well, read on now – because we’re looking for exactly you to apply:


  1. Content Creation:
  • Weave your magic with captivating copy for product descriptions, website jazz, and marketing materials that make customers do a happy dance.
  • Keep that brand voice harmonious and consistent across all platforms.

Conversion Wizardry:

  • Team up with our marketing maestros and design dynamos to create copy that not only tells a story but also makes cash registers ring.
  • Be the A/B testing sorcerer, conjuring insights that turn into conversion gold.

Brand Enchantment:

  • Work your charm with the brand team to keep our voice on point and in tune with our brand symphony.
  • Craft tales that captivate, resonate, and leave an indelible mark on our audience.

Market Mystique:

  • Channel your inner detective to stay one step ahead of industry trends and competitor capers.
  • Dive deep into customer minds to unravel their desires and tailor your words accordingly.


  1. Experience:
  • Battle-tested experience as a copywriter, preferably in the e-commerce arena.
  • Proven victories in crafting copy that not only speaks but also sells.


  • Verbal and written skills that can charm the pixels off a screen.
  • SEO sorcery that leaves search engines begging for more.


  • A creative maestro with the power to turn mundane into magical.

Team Play:

  • Play well with others in our fast-paced, rollercoaster-of-fun environment.


  • Flexibility to dance with the ever-changing rhythm of business needs.


  • Show us your treasure trove of mind-blowing copy, especially if it’s sprinkled with e-commerce gems.


💯 Be in amazing hands and put your full expertise to use, striving for growth

💪 A culture of responsibility, high performance, and honesty

💻 Whether in Ibiza, your hometown, or anywhere else in Germany - you can always work from anywhere.

🧓 While happy with your newly-landed job, Digitsonly will always help you earn more by connecting you with extra freelance work (If you want!).

Convinced? 😇

Then press the "Apply for this Job" button now and spend 3-4 minutes answering some simple questions – no need for a cover letter and certificates. Simple and straightforward.

And then?

- Once we receive your application, you’ll get a short confirmation, and rest assured, we’ll carefully review your documents with the relevant department.

- Keep an eye out for an email: we might ask you for some additional information before finally connecting you with your dream brand!

- Interview: Lastly, the founder of the brand will invite you to a call to see if you like it, and if you’d be a good fit!

Following the motto: For experts, by experts

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